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Consumer Grievance Policy

We have a policy in place should a consumer have a complaint. You may fill out complaint on our Contact Form and speak to any member of management. The complaint will be routed to the appropriate department and responded to within a few business days. An “in-person” meeting may be offered to you as well.

Every reasonable effort will be undertaken to satisfy the customer’s complaint. A complaint forwarded by a State Department of Banking & Finance will be promptly reviewed and a response provided to the Department within a few weeks of the receipt of the complaint by the company.

Credit Report Issue?

You can go directly to the credit bureaus and apply for a free credit report once a year at If the complaint is about a credit report, you can dispute the inquiry by writing Certified Credit, Avantus Credit or informative Credit. Once a you receive a credit report, you can dispute transactions either by E-mail or by phone with the contact information listed on your report.

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