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Positive Lender-Borrower Relationships At Anthony Holt Mortgage Team

Anthony Holt Mortgage Team Branch Manager Anthony Holt joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss lender-borrower communication, developing positive builder relationships and more. Holt joins hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for the All About Real Estate segment.

A veteran of the mortgage industry with 23 years of experience, Holt has been with Anthony Holt Mortgage Team, the largest privately held and minority-owned mortgage company in the U.S., for four years. The company has many initiatives making great strides for minority homeownership and is a regular advocate for homebuyers.

What sets Anthony Holt Mortgage Team apart from its competitors is the vibrant and diverse company culture. The relatable management team and bottom-up business approach promote the success of the company’s lenders in a business where relatability and understanding are key.

Consumers tend to shop for interest rates when purchasing a home, but Holt advises asking friends and relatives about their homebuying experiences. A positive interaction between a lender and a homebuyer is key to achieving the goal of homeownership. Holt shared that he reminds his team to work on communication because that is the essential part of the lender and borrower relationship.

We talk about being available [but] communication is 90% of it.

Anthony HoltAnthony Holt Mortgage Team

The difference between other lenders and Anthony Holt Mortgage Team is the extra effort put in by its employees and the positive, meaningful relationships with its borrowers. Holt ensures every member of his team also has a loan officer assistant to allow more time to connect with agents, structure loans and act as an advocate for borrowers.

The organization’s app GoGo LO, available for download on the app store and Google Play, allows effortless communication between agents, borrowers and lenders to elevate the lending experience at Anthony Holt Mortgage Team. The app shares buyer updates, credit scores, milestones and more with lenders and agents.

Anthony Holt Mortgage Team is constantly innovating and reinventing itself with new processes and products to fit specific homebuyer needs within the industry. In the residential real estate market, the number of homes under construction, as well as home prices, dramatically increased in the past 12 months. In such a tumultuous market, Holt recognizes the importance of maintaining strong relationships with local builders.

My approach to the builders in my community is, ‘Let me be a partner to help you with the loans you are finding you cannot get to the closing table. We use that as a way to develop [strong] relationships with builders.

Anthony HoltAnthony Holt Mortgage Team